About us

The Seattle Indian Center is a long-standing and vibrant human services organization serving the Seattle metropolitan area. We were stablished in 1958 and held 501(c)3 status since 1972 with the mission to provide programs and assistance to disadvantaged individuals.

Urban Frontier

Want to step back in time to see the work that the Seattle Indian Center did 37 years ago? We invite you to view “Urban Frontier,” to see what life was like for the American Indian/Alaska Native people in Seattle. Many of our clients have walked into the forest and some are still here. The Seattle Indian Center still perseveres and will always do so. Enjoy the contribution of the late great actor Will Sampson (Muskogee Creek) who acted in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” with Jack Nicholson.


Camille Monzon-Richards, M.P.A., Tlingit Tribe
Executive Director Emerita

Board of Directors

James Price (Tlingit)- Board Chair
Bobby Abutin- Treasurer
Andrina Abada (Tlingit)
Betty Patu (American Samoa)
Ann Kingsley (Inupiat)